About Us

Be Ready is not just a name: it's a lifestyle. Be Ready (Disaster Preparedness) 
was created in 1991 as a one-stop-shop for disaster preparedness items.

The concept was unique and original then, but now hundreds of web stores sell disaster supplies of various quality.

What makes Be Ready Inc still unique is that for 25 years we have hand selected 
the most intelligent options available, so that lives can remain as normal 
and healthful as possible under stressful circumstances--job loss, power outages,
severe weather, natural disasters, fires or any other disruption of normal routines.
Our food is nutritious as well as edible on a daily basis, our water containers 
are durable in appropriate sizes, our shelf life is long, our water is pure and lasts 50+ years, 
and the products we sell are sure to give you peace of mind. 

The Cabacungan family run two retail store locations and websites in Oceanside CA 
and in Waipahu HI. They know that when the sirens go off, their customers are prepared to 
survive the danger and endure its aftermath well. As manufacturers and distributors of emergency blankets, military blankets, Blue Can Water, etc., their reach is extended beyond California and Hawaii to wherever you are.
You can choose to prepare or not, but you can't choose the consequences for failing to prepare.

At Be Ready Inc, we choose peace of mind and calm in the storm. What are you waiting for?