Frequently Asked Questions


10 am - 6pm  Mon-Fri, Saturday by appointment in San Marcos CA
10 am -7 pm  Tues-Saturday in Waipahu, HI

Do you carry Boy Scout Supplies? 

Did you move?
Yes, our California store moved last year to 1195 Linda Vista Dr. STE A in San Marcos Ca

"How Do I.................?", or
"What do you recommend.................?"

Please see our blog section, as the answers to those questions are constantly being updated based upon the latest improvements in the industry. 

You can find preparedness answers from many types of sources of varying credibility, but we like to pass along  only the best information regarding consumer water storage, food storage, mobile solar power and water purification products, because that is what we've learned from experience for 25 years.

When we learn something worth passing along, we will put it in our blog and on separate answer pages.

How do I become a dealer ? 
Please contact: