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PURAVAI water is U.S. Lab certified 100% BACTERIA FREE—giving Puravai the longest shelf life of any drinking water on the market.  Certified Hospital Grade 2

  • Recyclable HDPE (BPA free) military-grade reusable canteen-like bottles with triple seals
  • Viruses, heavy metals, chemicals, pathogens and other toxins removed
  • Tastes clean and pure
  • Lab-tested to hydrate the body more efficiently with increased absorption rates
  • Perfect for hospitals, first responders, first aid, and for rehydrating emergency foods
  • One day of recommended emergency rations per adult (1 liter, just over 1 quart)
  • Use daily for sports, exercising, reducing toxic overload in the body
  • Store for several years to use during emergencies and disasters
  • Refill opened containers over and over (eliminates trash from conventional bottled or canned water)
  • Case of 6