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About Be Ready: Nearly 30 years ago,  Al Cabacungan and his partner created Be Ready Disaster Preparedness to be a one-stop-shop emergency supplies center for families and communities preparing to be self-reliant during disasters. At the time, the idea of an emergency supplies center was so new to
California that Entrepreneur Magazine highlighted the venture, and late-night programs like Jay Leno and David Letterman laughed across the nation at those strange Californians putting together 72-hour survival kits and selling supplies for long-term water and food storage.  No one is laughing anymore.  In 2001 BE READY was incorporated and became Be Ready Inc, a family-owned and operated retail store.

Their lively seminars and classes educate surrounding communities, businesses, churches, schools, CERT and family groups not only in the San Diego County area, but also as featured speakers at trade shows across the nation from Washington to Florida.

Be Ready is a time-tested emergency supplies center in California and Hawaii as a retailer, manufacturer and distributor of disaster preparedness supplies, including emergency water, water filtration, food storage, water storage, solar lighting and battery packs, water filtration, 72-hour kits, etc. 

We help communities be ready for disasters,
one business, one hospital, one agency, one school, one family, one individual at a time.

Prepared Since 91'

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Our most frequently asked preparedness question is “Where do I start?”  Our  answer is that no matter what, water is the most immediate need for survival every day, but especially during a disaster.  We take for granted that water will be available, clean, drinkable and pure enough for first aid. But in a disaster, you have to be prepared for the worst. And the water has to be stored and ready before the sirens go off!  We at Be Ready ONLY recommend and promote 100% Bacteria-free emergency drinking water for its many uses and its longest shelf life.  


Pure and Safe

PURAVAI water is the purest certified pre-packaged drinking water in the emergency preparedness market. Over time, even one little bacterium in stored water can multiply to become billions of bacteria inside a container. These are called Colony Forming Units of Bacteria (CFUs). Third-party testing by one of the top labs in the world showed that one different emergency water company measured in at 3,330,000 CFUs per liter –yes, over 3 million- and another was TNNC (too numerous to count), yet when PURAVAI's liter was tested by the same lab, the result was 0 CFUs. That's ZERO CFUs!!! And it's a HUGE deal because that proves your PURAVAI water will remain safe to use even decades later!

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